To Apis they say: "Neither thy Honey Nor thy Sting"

Why haven't you stopped to think of this?

Monoclonius, Decisive One Amidst the Indecisive


Monoclonius, Even now, the thought my soul with rapture thrills.

The APISTOGRAMMA OCCASIONAL PAPERS -- NEW SERIES is now online at the suggestion of one EZ D, the Easiest of all Ds. It is dedicated to the Memory of that which is now gone. If a Man merits it, he will serve. If not, he will be lost!

The Central Organizing Principles of Colonel D.S. Monoclonius, PH.D.:

Blessing is a thing to be found only in a thing hidden from the eye. Fellowship brings Union and Union will bring Victory.

What is in the House of Monoclonius, Owner and Creator? Survey those who survive around in the crudest forms and manifestations. The system offered by Monoclonius, The System of Truth, originates in this Moral, in the great doctrines of grace and progress. Love this Truth. Preach his way and follow his path, Rejoice in his life. How sweet are these words!

If you are admitted, it is inspiration, revealed truth.

This is an unheralded opportunity to spread the mind of Monoclonius in ways never before imagined and heretofore rejected. The original Apistogramma existed and ceased to exist at the whim of Monoclonius and the ever-shifting public mood. The same fate shall not befall the APISTOGRAMMA OCCASIONAL PAPERS -- NEW SERIES.

These papers are issued by Monoclonius, He Who is Pure of Heart, as a service to His reading public and in response to certain enormous changes in the system in which he currently operates. He understands: The donkey feels cold, even in July.

The long interlude in Apistogramma publishing, the increasing fragmentation of our public discourse, the manifest erasure of a True Sense of Self, the private sentiments of the uncivilized world, the Pulse of Humanity, and the developing lack of ease in our National Being, all of these require a response from the source to which you have so long and in ever-increasing dismay looked for guidance Lo, these long years. This New Series will bring you, Friend, back to the Wisdom of Monoclonius, He Who Walks in the Straight Paths. It is like Awakening to a dream.

Try to Understand the True Nature of Things. It is unseemly for the Lion to cry in front of the fox.

Monoclonius, He Who is Justified From Above, has revolutionized the look of the Apistogramma without damaging its soul. Streamlined in content and in form. No illustrations and no filler. Each entry will enlighten, stimulate, bring the mind the memory that since the Time of Death is certain, it is necessary to prepare.

Monoclonius, He Who is Without Name, desires a compact, readable, eminently comprehensible format for this New Series. It should effectively eradicate the dissent that bubbled up and continues to bubble up. It is the bickering of jackdaws and we pay it no mind.

The APISTOGRAMMA OCCASIONAL PAPERS -- NEW SERIES are intended to be referred to often, read at leisure and as leisure, when you walk about your way and when you rise up. They are available only from Monoclonius, He Who Rises Up.

Great Peace will come to those who follow the Light. Great Peace will come to those who follow the Guidance of Monoclonius, The Omen of Blessing. Never will you find peace without him.

He hears you sing sorrowfully, "I'll Be Somewhere Listening for My Name."

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The Apistogramma Occasional Papers--New Series